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Facility Z officially launched on Armor Games!

Facility Z is now out on! We want to thank Armor Games for their support as well as everyone who contributed to the development of the game. Play it now here:

Official Name Change: Dead Frost is Now Facility Z

We’ve had a lot of time to think about it since talking to potential partners, sponsors, and publishers, and this change felt right. Dead Frost is now officially Facility Z! In truth, the new name came about towards the end of development, when we had a nearly full game to reflect upon. At the time we…

Facility Z announced; first screenshots revealed

After 6 long months we are finally ready to announce our latest game, Facility Z. Synopsis: You awaken to find yourself on a remote Antarctic research base where you must fight for survival and uncover its dark secrets. Use your wits and a potent arsenal of weapons to fight against a cast of undead humans and…

Shadow of the Ninja 2 out now!

Play Shadow of the Ninja 2 now on! Thanks again to all the supporters of the game and for their backing of the project. We were very happy the first one did well enough for a sequel to exist and we’re hoping players will enjoy the hard work we put into this one too. Once…

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